Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Let's hope 2009 brings us more fabulous news and gorgeous shoes from the world of fashion!!:)

Celine Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

As the weather sinks below 0 degrees and it gets dull, dark and depressing, Celine's Spring/ Summer 2009 Collection is here to cheer us up with fresh spring bright colours that let us know that it is not always going to be cold and grey.

'All things bright and beautiful......' really fresh and cheery!

These are my absolute favourite. They are going to be a hot trend this summer.

These are just so fabulous. Bring on the summer!!

I like the polynesian-tattoo prints on silk organza dresses from this collection with matching shoes.....give me them!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Giambattista Valli Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

“It’s about a metamorphosis. There’s a big change going on in these times,” said designer Giambattista Valli.

That is how Giambattista Valli refered to the look for his Spring 2009 collection, shown on the runways of Paris. This collection is truly magnificent. It is very feminine and classic. Valli has a lot of fans which include; Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Caroline Sieber and Emma Watson, to name but a few, and you can see why they love his creations.

So gorgeous. I love strappy sandals and these are just fabulous!

These are my favourite shoes. I will take the dress too.

Absolutely gorgeous. So feminine and girly.

I love this colour and it works with the black dress.

Baby pink platform with crocodile texture.

Stella McCartney Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

Stella McCartney's Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection is fabulous and very feminine. Just look at the clothes. The best recipe to look gorgeous and ultra feminine this spring and summer is to wear pastel satin dresses and skirts.

Yves Saint Laurent's Cut Out Boots Spring/ Summer 2009

Yves Saint Laurent's Cut Out Boots are so out of this world. They are so edgy and chic. I can see myself wearing these during the day and in the evenings to add glamour to my outfit. I love Paris Fashion Week because it brings out the most beautiful and sometimes the most outlandish heels of all the fashion shows.

These are going to be a hit. They are wearable with almost anything.

I love this colour. Make sure you get a great pedicure because most of your foot is on show.....absolutely stunning, don't you think??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marni Spring/ Summer 2009 Shoe Collection

"Artsy, out of the ordinary. Funky fashion student—with a trust fund"

This is the Spring/ Summer 2009 "Marni look" as described by NY Fashion. And in all honesty, Consuela Castiliogni’s creations induce a funky fashion statement. The designs are fun, upbeat, youthful and springy with a lot of exaggerated layers on the clothes.

I like this collection. It is fresh but yet functional.

I love the earthy and fresh exaggerated colours.

This has got to be my favourite shoe. It is funky and I like chunky shoes!

I absolutely love these as well. They can go with pretty much any thing to add a little spring and colour to your style.