Sunday, April 6, 2008

Diagi and DiMarni Ankle Boots

Diagi and DiMarni exclusive designer Ankle Boots from the 2008 collection, £300 are just too gorgeous to put in words. These are typically "F*** me" boots with their metallic heels that are extra sharp and a pointy toe with metal caps, high quality python leather stretching over the entire boot......need I say more??? Ohhh the pain!! Love it! I know alot of you have asked who the designers, Diagi and DiMarni, are and I still only know that they are a Ukrainian brand but their shoes are hand made in Italy, hence the price tags..... but worth every penny.

"Shoes are not better than sex but they definately last longer." - Anon


Admirer said...

DiMarni shoes are NOT produced in Italy, they are managed from Kiev, Ukraine and manufactured in the Ukraine and possibly Georgia.
The company itself has no presence like a website and no PR, therefore you will only hear about them by surprise.
But which designer shoe producer has a really good working PR ? :-O

I have bought 15 pairs of DiMarni shoes, boots and overknees and still have 10 of them after sorting out the lower heels (10-11cm).
The prices are NOT extremely high, especially in their own mainstream designs.
Even if you order with special features, you will IMHO pay less than e.g. at GML.
I can also confirm that the quality is outstanding and it's absolutely stunning what they can do for you if you have a certain shoe in mind and want to transfer the design to a DiMarni pair.
The only limitations are that they don't deliver stacked heel covers for 13cm and that e.g. GML has much more super-exclusive leather and fur sorts.
By the way: DiMarni and Andriano Diagi are 2 separate brands with different designs. Both have comparably pointed toes but only DiMarni has the full metal 13cm heels.
And DiMarni has sizes from 36 to 42, I don't think Diagi has something larger than 40 (the usual mess).

A Woman and her Shoes said...

Well Admirer,
Thank you so much for all the information.