Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chanel Spring 2009 Shoe Collection

The Chanel Spring 2009 Shoe Collection is rather unsual but very wearable. I love the simplicity of the shoes which have been spiced up with the furry balls on the heels. Some may say they are a little boring but I think the wearble colours give them an edge.

In this collection is also the most talked about shoes, the Chanel "Miami Vice" Spring 2009 Shoe, with a heel in the shape of a gun, that Madonna wore to the premier of her film in New York.

"Lagerfeld had been inspired by an image of a gun he saw somewhere, and he gave the tear to shoe designer Laurence Dacade, who employed plexi to make them functional. Voila! The “Miami Vice” shoe, as it’s called in Chanel’s ranks, is born. And yes, you’ll see them in stores." - FashionWeekDaily.


Anonymous said...

Will you be allowed to wear them in airports?

A Woman and her Shoes said...

LOL, I guess if you did, you would undergo some serious 'hold-up' time.