Friday, October 3, 2008

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

Ladies, I finally got the chance to try on these beautiful bad azz killer pumps from Christain Louboutin for Rodarte, and I must say one word came to my mind...... FIERCE!!!!!!!! (excuse the fat legs)

They are really beautiful and very, very High with a hefty price tag to match!

(Note to Mr Louboutin: Sir, if by any chance you happen to have a pair in size 7 or 8 UK, lying around your studio, please hook a sister up!!!!!)

Pros: Very sexy, extremely high and will definately get you noticed!!!!

Cons: Might need foot insurance as they are really high (so not for the faint-hearted),

The colour in the pictures and magazines is not exactly the same as that of the real
shoes (in reality, its an off copper-ish, gold-ish colour),

If you have fat legs or ankles, you might struggle with strapping yourself into the shoes
as I did (as seen in the pics above, I have not closed all the straps, but I still look good!)


Laury Chasampi said...

I'm so inlove with those shoes! They were made for me!! lol But, they look good in you, too... Thanks for sharing! Kisses from Argentina

A Woman and her Shoes said...

Thanks Laury. Am sure they would look good on you as well.

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