Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prada Shoe Collection Spring 2009

What does Miuccia Prada’s spring 2009 sky high shoes remind me of?

Well for one, those poor petrified girls who fell all over themselves on the catwalk trying to pull this look off.

Well Miuccia said that the reason the models stumbled and fell over was because they wore socks with the sky high shoes making walking slippery!??!

Word is Miuccia says they could knock one or two inches off the shoes to make them more comfortable. Please Miuccia Prada, do not do it!!!!!!

Beauty hurts!!! Lets deal with it people!!!


nashira said...

how many inches are these exactly?

A Woman and her Shoes said...

Hi Nashira,
the shoes range from 5 to 6 inches high with a 1.5 Platform. Check us out here too: http://awomanandhershoes.com/


Hannah Louise Smith said...

really? is that how high they are? christ why couldnt they walk in them then? im 15 and my highest pair of high heels is 5 inches and i go shopping in them!

A Woman and her Shoes said...

LOL.... thanks Hannah.
Be sure to check us out at:http://awomanandhershoes.com

Anonymous said...

cool blog!

Elliott Broidy said...

Each one of these are so chic.