Saturday, December 27, 2008

L&R Stiletto Overknee STIEFEL Boots

It is 'Boot season' this season, and where better to look than at one of the leading Italian designers L&R, £820. These top of the line soft nappa leather boots are absolutely stunning and very unique. There are a lot of designers of sexy shoes that we hardly ever hear of and at times are quite hard to find but ladies they are there and do very much exist. Just take a look at these babies....


Anonymous said...

Does this company have a website? Where can I get a pair??

Alex said...

Same question !
Those boots are just GREAT !!!!

Where can we find L&R ??


A Woman and her Shoes said...

Hello Alex,
I don't know where you can get these but this ebay seller used to sell them:

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That's right.

Thank you very much !

Hope for you that you kept those boots :-)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you were ripped off. Who would pay $500 or so for a pair of plastic hooker boots?

Anonymous said...

They aren't leather they are stretch leather if you bothered to read the label. But really they are polyurethane so they aren't even stretch leather. 800 pounds for a pair of cheap looking plastic boots. No wonder L&R went out of business.