Saturday, November 17, 2007

TopShop's Sereno Black and Gold Platform Tribute Shoes.

THEY ARE BACK!!!! Click here:

If you got a chance to own a pair of Topshop's best selling shoes, the 'Sereno Platform' then you one of us lucky ones. These shoes were designed drawing inspiration from YSL, and thus a stunning result. A pure work of art, the Sereno platform heels tower at 5" and at only £65, they are a must-have for any avid shoe fan.

(4th/01/08): I must have lady luck on my side. I walked into my local Topshop on kensington high street and saw the gold and silver sereno, above, in the sale pile. I picked it up and asked the sales guy to get me a pair in size 8. Two minutes later, he walks towards me with a box and pulls out the shoe in size 8. Iwas so chuffed I threw all the other shoes down and headed for the counter to pay. The sweetest thing about this was that the shoes were now at £30. ha!!!!

The shoes came out in August and sold out in superquick time of hitting the stores. They come in balck and gold or gold and silver.They are extremely hard to get a hold of but if you wear size 6 or less you might just be in luck if you hit your nearest Topshop store NOW! Alternatively, you can try ebay. I myself got a pair from ebay at a ridiculus price (£110) but wearing them at the Christmas party will be priceless:)

Please also note that these shoes are a slightly smaller fit than your average size so get a size bigger than your shoe size for comfort. Good Luck!!

"I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had One thousand and sixty."- Imelda Marcos.


chants said...

somebody please tell me where i can get a pair of serenos, any price, i love these shoes...
email me

Anonymous said...

Only just seen this blog. I love these shoes but if peeps still want a pair of these Sereno platforms i have seen them at the site below and the prices are great! P :)